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Breed                                Colour                                                  Sex                           

Birthdate                             Sire                                                     Dam                          

For the following price, terms and conditions.

Price                                    Date Paid                                           

Seller                                                     Purchaser                                                          

Purchaser agrees to the following:

1. Under no circumstances will this cat/kitten be sold, leased or given away to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility.

2. This cat/kitten will be kept indoors or outdoors under supervision or control.

3. This cat/kitten is purchased for Show                      Breeding                   Pet                          

If the Cat/Kitten is being sold as a Pet it will be sold sterilized, unless other satisfactory arrangements are made with the breeders

4. If this cat/kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated, purchaser will surrender said cat/kitten to the seller unconditionally.

5. The Cat/Kitten is guaranteed to be in good health and currently wormed and vaccinated at the time of sale. It is guaranteed for a period of 7 days from the time of purchase if vet checked within that time.

It is recommended that the new cat/kitten be in quarantine for a period of 72 hours from arrival at it's new home. If it is found to be medically deficient with an untreatable or life-threatening problem, it MUST be reported to the seller immediately. Upon it’s return it will be replaced with another cat/kitten of equal value. If no replacement is available at that time, seller will have 12 months to furnish satisfactory replacement. The cat/kitten can NOT be returned after the guarantee period has expired. And /or if it has been exposed to another cat which has not been currently vaccinated.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to provide immediate Veterinary care to any cat/kitten showing signs of illness or distress and failure to do so will render any guarantee null and void. Under NO circumstances is the cat/kitten to be destroyed prior to notification by the buyer to the seller. If a cat/kitten dies within the guarantee period, despite medical treatment, compensation via replacement cat/kitten will be made ONLY if a Veterinary certificate certifies the cause of death.

This cat/kitten is guaranteed against congenital defects for one year. Should the cat die within that time as a direct result of a congenital defect, the cat will be replaced ONLY if an appropriate autopsy is performed by a licensed Vet and Vet certificate is provided as proof of cause of death. A replacement will be made of a cat of comparable quality and value at the discretion of the breeder.

Should a situation arise where by release of a kitten to a purchser prior to de sexing is agreed then proof of this must suplied to the seller within 48 hours of de sexing.

Kittens will not be released to purchaser until payment has been made in full.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING CONTRACT: Please print 2 copies of contract and fill in your details and sign, then send both copies to us, we will then complete, and sign, forwarding a copy back to you. This contract is legally binding to all parties involved. It applies to the buyer and seller in this transaction and is non-transferrable to other parties.

Purchaser                                                           Date                            





Seller                                                                  Date                             





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