Kittens Available

Kittens Available





All of the kitten that we have had for this season have now been sold. Kittens will not now become available until after late spring or early summer of this year. If you are contemplating  adding a kitten to your family, then either email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Phone  03 58299395 or mobile 0456 420 481 to obtain an up date  on the details of pregnacies. Please give us an idea as to the sex and colour of your preference along with all your contact details. We must stress that as we have absolutely no control over  Colour, Genders etc. and so those folk that are prepared to be flexible are more likely to obtain a kitten sooner rather than later. Please bare in mind that we do have a waiting list.


All our kittens are reared in our home and given our love and attention in the first 3 months of life, this is important in their  interaction with humans, Siamese respond to owners that are prepared to spend the time sharing their affection.  

Siamese affections are not  defined by colour, gender , or the personalities of their parents, but by owners that are  prepared to treat  them as part of the family .Every kitten born is an individual , just the same as us , so asking us to predict  whether or not  they will turn out as affectionate as a previous pet  is an impossibility.  In a nutshell you GET WHAT YOU ARE PREPARED TO PUT IN.








Three Seal Point kittens from a previous litter

Some Rose Marie kittens have also gone to countries such as Switzerland, HongKong, Japan, Hawaii, New Zealand and England.....

We have heard from their owners from time to time and have had some very pleasing feed back.

At 11 to 12 weeks they are vaccinated and vet checked and desexed and then ready to go to their new homes. For the females please allow 10 days for the stiches from desexing to be removed.3

Two beautiful Chocolate Point Females


A Seal Point Kitten


A Blue Point Female


They look delightful as you can see.


Kittens at rest.

When they wake up and come to life is when we are glad that they are going to loving homes such as yours.

Seven kittens from one of our latest litters. These kittens are now about 5 weeks of age.

7 of the best













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