Sarah's Page.

Sarah is our second granddaughter and this is her page. Sarah has always been interested in what we do with our cats and kittens and now she has the opportunity to tell you a little  about her self and what it is that she does. She also takes a great delight in taking photos so I expect that you will get to see the results from what she does in this regard.

Hello my name is Sarah Robinson, the granddaughter of Pat and Lyn Robinson, who are the owners of Rosemarie Cattery. I love to visit my grandparents and take lovely photos of all the adorable, old style Siamese and play with their beautiful, big German Shepard's, Rex and Zip.

I enjoy taking photos so much that I decided that I would share some of my favorites with you.

 IMG 4758

Here are some of my favourite pictures (taken by me) of the Rosemarie Cattery cats:

DSCN0751IMG 4836IMG 3335DSCN1039


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