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Old Styles have now been part of our lives since 1963 when we owned our first sealpoint female.  Tessie she was a wonderful  companion pet  for almost 20 years  and we remember her with great  affection for the unique qualities that this type of Siamese show in their devotion to their owners and their families.

It is now almost 25 years since we first started to breed Old Style Siamese and many of the kittens reared here now reside in homes all over Australia and in quite a few countries overseas.  It gives us a great deal of pleasure to know that these kittens enjoy  caring homes where they are affectionate family pets  much loved by people of all ages and from all walks of life.  Many of these owners are folk like ourselves that remember the Siamese of yesteryear and want to continue to share their lives with a pet that is intelligent, devoted, and affectionate. 

Almost all of the folk that have contacted us  have a story to relate about the type, some amusing, some hair raising, some sad for they have just lost a pet that they have owned for the past 17-20 years or even longer. This is one very big,and we feel important factor, in this style of siamese is that they do have a reasonable degree of longevity.  If  they are kept enclosed  for their own safety, and the safety of the natural wildlife, they will live to a ripe old age.   We have found over the years that Old Styles are robust and very healthy , we take every precaution here in looking after our breeders and rearing their kittens.  Good diet is a important component in raising strong and healthy cats, top brand quality dried food as well as their natural diet of fresh raw meat on bone is what all of our cats are reared on.   All cats are  confined for their own safety, studs are kept in big garden type enclosures where they have room to run, climb and yell if needs be without fear of disturbing the neighbours, the cows aren't at all concerned by very vocal Siamese in season.

 Kittens are reared underfoot in our home, not in the cattery as we like to have their company and enjoy their antics. Watching kittens play is very therapeutic, and far more entertaining than a lot of T.V. programmes these days. The kittens are isolated with their mothers for the first 6-8 weeks of life and kept in a playpen until they are litter trained , then they have the run of the house, and don't we know it , our curtains, furniture etc. is testament to the number that have now been through here. Siamese are an extremely active type of cat and life shared with them can be annoying, exasperating from time to time as they are inveterate climbers and like nothing more than to look down on their surroundings  and everybody in it from a great height. It is one of lifes moments when you have your hair parted by a Siamese that is leaping from the top of a fridge to land on a benchtop just as you are passing by.







Our cat enclosure at the back and it's peaceful surrounds



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