Kittens Available

Kittens Available




 At the moment we do not have any kittens available. Queens have been mated and we are waiting to see who has taken and are in kitten. If you wish to go onto our waiting list please email us with yor details and your preference for a male or a female and the colour of the kitten you woul like. There are photos of these below this.


Three Seal Point kittens from a previous litter

Some Rose Marie kittens have also gone to countries such as Switzerland, HongKong, Japan, Hawaii, New Zealand and England.....

We have heard from their owners from time to time and have had some very pleasing feed back.

At 11 to 12 weeks they are vaccinated and vet checked and desexed and then ready to go to their new homes. For the females please allow 10 days for the stiches from desexing to be removed.3

Two beautiful Chocolate Point Females


A Seal Point Kitten


A Blue Point Female


They look delightful as you can see.


Kittens at rest.

When they wake up and come to life is when we are glad that they are going to loving homes such as yours.

Seven kittens from one of our latest litters. These kittens are now about 5 weeks of age.

7 of the best













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