Mardi and Rex.

Mardi and Rex

Mardi and Rex are our two German Shepherd companions. We got both Mardi and Rex in 2009.

Mardi came to us from Brenda and Les Hersant of Astasia German Shepherds Victoria Point in Brisbane.

Mardi is a  year old ex breeding bitch that we were lucky enough to get from Brenda and Les when we lost our boy Mack in 2009. She is a small dog, compared to Rex, who has the most affectionate nature. She enjoys her daily walk down our channel bank where she and Rex play chase the stick both out of and in the water. She does tend to hang back a bit when Rex and Rusty my son's TI special start to play. They are just a little too boisterous for her at times.

We got Rex just over three years ago just after we lost Mack. He was such a little thing. We had him inside initially and he was able to come and go through the cat flap in the wash house.

img 4519

Over the last three years Rex has changed somewhat as you can see from the next photo.



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